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Guy Browning

Guy was trained as a copywriter at DMB&B and went on to be the Creative Director of The Added Value Company, Europe’s largest marketing agency.   He has worked on brand communication projects for a large proportion of the FTSE 100.


At the same time, Guy has been a longstanding columnist for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.   He has written for many magazines with columns in Management Today,  FSB First Voice and British Airway’s Business Life.


Guy is a bestselling author with fourteen published books and is also the writer and director of the cult film classic Tortoise In Love.    He has written two series for BBC Radio 4.


Tom Mitchelson

Tom is an immersive journalist, presenter and speaker. He loves finding stories and experiences that tap into the spirit of the age, both mainstream and the more curious corners of the UK and abroad.  He features regularly in The Times, The Daily Mail and the International Herald Tribune.

Tom's book Shut Up and Kiss Me is about the magic of osculation. He's written a couple of sitcoms for BBC Radio 4 as well as appearing as a commentator on LBC, Sky News, ITV and BBC. He regularly speaks to businesses about what you learn from going immersive.

Tom has also facilitated large, global communication projects for businesses including Nokia and Ikea.


Janet Brown

Janet is an acclaimed designer and graphic artist.   She graduated from the prestigious Camberwell School of Art before going on to work for several top London design agencies.   She has an unerring eye for commercial graphic design.


At the same time, Janet is a leading illustrator and book designer with many covers to her name.

She authored the children’s book  Dream Cheese,  co-authored the management guide The Pocket Guru, and was the Sidestroke cartoonist in The Sunday Times Magazine.


Brian Jenner

Brian is a professional speechwriter with 20 years of experience including high-profile work for a Dragons’ Den panellist, a Duke, a Premiership footballer and a few celebrity weddings.  He is founder of the European Speechwriter Network  and editor of The Speechwriter, a quarterly magazine for professional speechwriters.  He won a prestigious Cicero award for speechwriting.


Brian started working life as a journalist working for the Telegraph, Guardian and eventually the Daily Mail.  He has published five books: Men & Collections, I’m Just Phoning to Chase My Invoice, Trade Secrets, Jokes, Anecdotes and One-Liners for Speechwriters and Eloquence, A Treasury of Speechwriting Advice. 

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